James Joyce Made of Words

In 1967, on Bloomsday -- June 16 -- in Dublin, Ireland, the International James Joyce Foundation was established, at the First International James Joyce Symposium.



Announcement of The XXIV International James Joyce Symposium
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IJJF Graduate Student Scholarships
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The purposes of the International James Joyce Foundation are:

  • to encourage scholarship, criticism, and study of the life, work, and career of the writer whom many regard as the preeminent figure in modern literature,
  • and to enable scholars, critics, teachers, students, and general readers to meet, correspond, learn from one another, and help each other achieve a greater appreciation and understanding of his work.

The IJJF is affiliated with the English Department of The Ohio State University through Professor MorrisBeja (Emeritus), Executive Secretary.

Image above: Max Froumentinjoyce-textorizedJames Joyce, "textorized" with an excerpt from Ulysses.