Announcement of The XXIV International James Joyce Symposium

November 12, 2013

a long the krommerun: the XXIV International James Joyce Symposium will be headquartered at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, June 15-20, 2014. The hosting committee (Onno Kosters, David Pascoe, Peter de Voogd, and Tim Conley) write, "Follow Joyce's example, and visit the Netherlands—'they have reduced work to a minimum there. They seem to be simple, polite and dignified folk. Well set up men and girls and women who laughed all the time, though perhaps my presence there explains their mirth' (James Joyce, Letters I, pp. 255-56). We're looking forward to seeing you in Utrecht!"

Coordinating the academic program will be Peter de Voogd, Tim Conley, and David Pascoe.

See the Conference website ( for more information.